Smyrna Capital

We help solve hard problems with technology.

We follow our convictions. Often with orthogonal thinking and a robust synthesis of multiple disciplines, we form contrarian theses that yield outsize returns for humanity with appropriate risk.

Announcing our London-based Fintech Practice

Managed by banking veteran Aylin Alkan, founding partner of Smyrna Capital Ltd (UK), our London practice focuses on technology-driven innovation in financial infrastructure, products, services, and their distribution.

Aylin Bağman Alkan

We aim to be a long-term partner to the FinTech companies we support—with seed and early stage capital, sector knowledge, and our global expertise and presence.
We offer:

  • Multi-stage capital from seed to early stage, and other financial products that can be tailored to our clients’ need,
  • Expertise from FinTech investments in US, Europe and Emerging Markets,
  • Access to top banks for industry partnerships, reference clienting, and further financing (eg. our Fintech Incubation activities).

At the heart of the global fintech capital, London, Smyrna Capital Ltd is a leader in the ecosystem providing value-add services to financial services companies and financing to technology startups.

Making the World a Better Place

We are a global investment and business development company with over 40 investments, headquartered in Washington DC. We follow our convictions to make this world a better place by putting our talent and resources in hard-to-solve problems in technology, energy, biotechnology and social science.

Our Founder

oltac unsal helsinkiSmyrna Capital was founded in 2003 by Oltaç Ünsal

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