Smyrna Capital

We help solve hard problems with technology.

We follow our convictions. Often with orthogonal thinking and a robust synthesis of multiple disciplines, we form contrarian theses that yield outsize returns for humanity with appropriate risk.

Active Portfolio

sehrinesahipcik Volunteer crowdsourced civic works: Own your city!
yokyok Cryptocurrency for the Volunteer Economy
Predict engine/motor failure through sonic/vibration profiling
Enviro-friendly hydro turbines and electricity systems for municipal wastewater systems
Unbreakable database
Google Glass for the Enterprise
Top-trend casual games
Helping carriers collect, analyze and utilize live data from end-user devices
Design of power generation plants (including renewable), transmission lines, high-voltage substations and distribution systems
Protect your kids digitally
Education technologies to prevent dropouts
Digital loyalty
Advancing Turkish technologies in Silicon Valley
Artificial Intelligence for Sentiment Analysis
Best Investor Club in the World!